Burçlar Akım Haftası: Eylül 16 - 22, 2019

Burçlar Akım Haftası: Eylül 16 - 22, 2019
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Burçlar: Eylül 16 - 22, 2019

Astrolog Pam Younghans bu haftalık astrolojik dergiyi gezegensel etkilere dayanarak yazar ve mevcut enerjileri en iyi şekilde kullanmanıza yardımcı olmak için bakış açıları ve görüşler sunar. Bu sütun öngörme amaçlı değildir. Kendi deneyimleriniz, kişisel şemalarınıza geçişler ile daha spesifik olarak tanımlanacaktır.

Bu Hafta İçin Vurgulanan Yönleri
Listelenen tüm zamanlar Pasifik Yaz Saati. Eastern Time için 3 saat ekleyin. Greenwich Ortalama Zamanı için 7 saat ekleyin.
MON: Mercury opposite Chiron
Sal: Venus opposite Chiron, Mercury quincunx Uranus
EVLENMEK: Saturn stations direct
Per: Venus quincunx Uranus, Mars trine Pluto, Mars sesquiquadrate Uranus
Cum: Mercury sextile Ceres
OTURDU: Jupiter square Neptune
GÜNEŞ: Mercury square Saturn

SINCE JANUARY, we've been working with the sometimes befuddling influence of a Jupiter-Neptune square, with Jupiter in Sagittarius located 90 degrees away from Neptune in Pisces. The aspect has been exact to the degree twice already--on January 13 and on June 16--and this coming Saturday, we have the third and final exact square.

As the largest planet in our known solar system, Jupiter is the Great Magnifier (hence today's photo), and in aspect to Neptune, can emphasize or exaggerate both the positives and negatives associated with that mystical planet.

On the beneficial side, Jupiter has been enhancing our capacity to receive Neptune's gifts of spiritual and creative inspiration. Throughout these months, we likely have been drawn to new teachings and teachers, that have served to draw us forward on our path of enlightenment. We may have been very excited about each of these new resources for a while, and then moved on to the next "professor" or philosophical adventure.

THE JUPITER-NEPTUNE SQUARE has also been providing the motivation for us to open our hearts in compassion and empathy for all life. But, that incentive may have been provided through experiences involving the less-desirable qualities of Neptune--disillusionment, deceit, naiveté, confusion, addiction, and victimization.

In essence, this square has been testing our faith in many ways. As a result, we've had (and have) a choice: Do we fall prey to discouragement, and allow it to undermine our efforts to improve our lives and the lives of others? Or do we keep our vision intact, and surrender to the fact that growth does not necessarily proceed linearly, or in ways that our conscious minds always comprehend?

IN THE MUNDANE REALMS, we've seen the effects of Jupiter's amplification of Neptune's watery energies in multiple ways: the massive flooding last March in the U.S. midwest, flooding in India in June, the monsoons in Nepal in July, the torrential rains currently battering Spain, and numerous other water-related impacts throughout the year and across this planet.

The Jupiter-Neptune square has also been manifesting through certain legal developments, since Jupiter is the planetary ruler of the law and the courts. Neptune rules drug use and abuse, and in recent weeks especially, there have been significant developments in lawsuits involving pharmaceutical companies and their role in the opioid crisis. We've also seen legal proceedings involving certain persons some have idealized (Neptune rules glamour and illusion) who have been involved in fraudulent activities (also Neptune).

Although this week marks the final pass of this aspect, we might not yet be complete with these Jupiter-Neptune effects; the chart drawn for next Monday's Libra Equinox contains that Jupiter-Neptune square, which means the ripple effects of this influence can extend into the next three months to come.

SHIFTING GEARS now, this week is also notable because Saturn changes direction on Wednesday. The Ringed Planet has been retrograde (appearing to move backward) since April 29, giving us over four months to review our life goals and ambitions. Both consciously and unconsciously, we've been observing what is essential and what is superfluous. At this point, we should have a clearer idea of what assists us in fulfilling our higher purposes, and what has been a distraction and needs to be pruned away. Whatever we've learned, we will implement more intentionally as Saturn moves forward--slowly at first, but then gaining speed in the weeks ahead.

I've written before about the effects of a planet as it comes to a standstill, likening it to a train coming into the train station and causing the platform to vibrate. We have been feeling Saturn's vibration strongly for the past week or so, and will continue to sense it for another week or more. This is very matter-of-fact and serious energy, not willing to put up with what might be considered nonessential to the larger goal. It may be a time of endings, if we need to discard certain elements of our lives that have been distracting us or interfering with our climb to the mountaintop.

IN SPITE of this pressure from Saturn, decisions may not come easily early in the week; both Mercury and Venus are in hard aspect to Chiron, which can indicate a short-lived crisis in self-confidence. We may not trust our perceptions, or we may wonder if we have the right to be as "selfish" as we may want to be. As the Wounded Healer, Chiron in Aries is making us aware of those situations where we tend to downplay our own capacities, and is asking us to consider that our needs are legitimate, and do not need to be justified, excused, or explained.

Midweek, Mercury, Venus, and Mars are in hard aspect to Uranus, sounding the rebel's call. This is very restless energy, the "I'm mad as ___ and I'm not going to take it any more" type of influence. While sitting in this discomfort, we should get greater clarity about what works and doesn't work for us going forward. And, Mercury's square to Saturn next Sunday indicates that hard decisions may very well be made over the weekend.

On Thursday, Mars is in an empowering trine aspect with Pluto. After the cautiousness that starts the week, and based on the excitability of the Uranus aspects that are in effect midweek, it's very possible that some will throw all caution to the wind and launch their boat, even if they don't yet have a course laid out. Working together, Mars and Pluto usually excite our passions, but since they are both in hardworking earth signs--and with practical Saturn's energy so strong--our zeal will most likely be focused on those longer-term goals that we're now driven to achieve.


DOĞUM GÜNÜNÜN BU HAFTA ise: Your capacity for concrete, productive action is heightened this year. You are able to tap into your sense of your deeper life mission, and to implement the processes that will enable you to accomplish your loftier goals. Unless you have stronger personal transits occurring that negate this effect, this should be a powerful year that supports you in finding your passion, taking command of your life direction, and achieving great fulfillment through your activities. (Solar Return Sun conjunct Mars, trine Pluto)

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