Ben Olmak Ücretsiz: Kendiliğinden, Sevgiyle ve Sevinçle

Ben Olmak Ücretsiz: Kendiliğinden, Sevgiyle ve Sevinçle
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What a liberating thought — I am free to be me! Think about it... for years we have been molded and pushed to behave in certain 'acceptable' ways. We have been asked to adhere to tradition, to behave according to certain accepted rules of behavior, and to dress according to the norm. To act like the Jones. To make sure we didn't "paint outside the lines".

We may have done as we were told, fearing punishment or worse, afraid of not being loved. We have accepted beliefs that others held without question. We agreed with what others said about us -- that we were smart, stupid, pretty, ugly, etc. You have believed that what others thought was true of you had to be so — that others knew best -- that they were smarter or wiser and somehow knew what was good for you.

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Yet, if you look within, you know that some of those accepted beliefs are not necessarily your truths. They are the truths of those around you. For example as a child, you may have been told that you were too noisy, or too playful, or asked too many questions. Now obviously, if you were behaving in that fashion this was how you wanted to be -- that was the real you wanting to express itself. When we were told that we were 'too' this or 'too' that, we felt that our behavior must be incorrect and adapted ourselves to what was expected of us... and thus lost our spontaneity and joy in the process.

Whose rules are we following now? The ones imposed by our parents? And whose rules were they following? Their parents? It goes back for many millennium and has nothing to do with us.

Need there be rules at all? If we all were true to our "inner self" or our "higher self", rules would be unnecessary -- though we certainly aren't at that point, yet. However, we all have an ingrained sense of right and wrong, of what is loving and what is not, of what is "kind" and what is not.

Sevinç ve Doğallık Anlayışımıza Güvenmek

It is time to return to trusting ourselves -- to trusting our small inner voice, our sense of true joy and spontaneity. We need to free up our true selves by releasing them from the chains and rules of conduct that were imposed on us. We are trustworthy! We can follow our inner wisdom and it will always support us and guide us.

Ben olmakta özgürüm! This thought, when affirmed regularly, brings freedom. Now the first thing you may notice, as you tell yourself that you are free to be you, are certain fears, doubts, and guilt coming up. I remember thinking that the 'me' that was inside was not a 'good' one — that I was selfish, unworthy, unlovable, etc. etc.

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İçinize baktığınızda, bazı benzer inançları keşfedebilirsiniz - eğer gerçekten 'kendinizseniz' patronunuz, arkadaşlarınız, eşiniz, iş arkadaşlarınız vb. İçin kabul edilemez olacaksınız. Ancak bu sadece sizin hayal gücünüzün bir ürünüdür. Korkularınız ya da başkalarının korkuları.

İyileşme Riskini Almak: Ben olmakta özgürüm!

Marie T. Russell tarafından olmakThe 'you' inside is that same innocent, spontaneous child that you were — the one who was amazed at the beauty of a dandelion flower, or that could find immense joy in splashing around in a mud puddle — that playful being who enjoyed the present and did not concern itself about "proper" and acceptable societal norms (i.e. dirty clothes, weeds on the lawn, 'proper' attire and behavior, etc.).

That spontaneous, natural, and joyful person still resides inside of you. All you need to do is give it permission to 'come out and play'.

Artık maskelerimizin arkasından çıkıp gerçek olma riskini alabiliriz ... sevinçlerimizi, korkularımızı, güvensizliklerimizi, sevgimizi, umutlarımızı ve hayallerimizi ifade etme. Ben olmakta özgürüm! Kendimin kendiliğinden olmasına izin verebilirim. Kendimin gerçek olmasına ve hislerimi hissetmesine izin verebilirim, şu anda gördüğüm gibi gerçeği ifade edebilirim ve yaşam sevgimin düşüncelerimde, kelimelerimde ve davranışlarımda ifade edilen varlığımdan yayılmasına izin verebilirim.

Trust yourself. You are an innocent, joyful being. Within you are the seeds of joy, happiness, and success. Affirm: "I am free to be me! I am free to express myself in whatever ways seem loving and true to my inner being. I am free to be me and to create the world I want around me. I have the right to express my inner divinity and to live a life of love, joy, and creativity."

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Trust your instincts. Trust that small inner voice that guides you to the right, loving action. That small inner voice is who you really are. That terrible person you have imagined yourself to be is a machination of your imagination, fears, and self-doubts. Yes, you have made mistakes... haven't we all? Yes, you had instances where you were unjust, petty, and did not express loving or peaceful thoughts. Those are nothing more than experiences that you went through -- errors in judgment. It's time to forgive yourself and give yourself another chance to act in harmony with love and kindness and joy.

Gerçek içsel kimliğin hala masum, sevgi dolu bir varlıktır - fiziksel formda bir melek. O sensin. Şimdi geri alabilirsiniz! Gerçekten kim olduğun için özgürsün! Evrenin ilahi bir çocuğu ...

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